LSU Fan arrested for kicking cops after vomiting on fans


LSU Fan arrested for kicking cops after vomiting on fans, A Louisiana State University student had to be carried out of the stands during Saturday’s football game after reportedly vomiting on people and making threats.

Police were called to where the student, Renuka Koritala, 20, was sitting at the game around 10pm after she barfed on other students in the North Section 227.

However when officers found Koritala, she ran away from them.

The probable cause report says after kicking the officer, other officers had to execute a fireman’s carry to take her out of the stadium to prevent her from hurting herself or others.

According to a report from The Daily Reveille, LSU student Renuka Koritala was arrested during the contest for allegedly vomiting on other students in the student section.

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