Tulsa Cell Phone Video Police Shooting knife Wielding Man


TULSA, Oklahoma – A 58-year-old man is dead after two Tulsa police officers shot and killed him, the department’s public information officer said Friday.

Police are not yet identifying the man who was shot, said Officer Leland Ashley.

Dispatch received two calls around 4:40 p.m. on Friday about a man approaching people with a knife in his hand, specifically two people trying to sell a car near North Utica and East Admiral, Ashley said.

An officer quickly arrived and told the man to drop the knife but he didn’t comply.

Another officer arrived, giving the man the same command, which was ignored by the man, Ashley said.

At least one officer deployed a taser multiple times, according to Ashley.

But in a cell phone video of the incident shot by witness, only one Taser shot is audible. Seconds later, multiple gunshots can be heard. The man falls to the ground.

Emergency crews tried to resuscitate the man right away, first at the scene, then en route to the hospital.

A witness said the man is regularly in the area and believes he was likely too drunk to comply.

“Just really drunk,” witness said. “Drunk homeless man with a knife. Yes, those two don’t mix. Still, don’t shoot the man.”

Tulsa Police cannot yet confirm whether the man was under the influence of any alcohol or drugs.

Officers also said they are sorting through all of the dashcam videos from officers on scene, looking for footage with the clearest vantage point before releasing it.

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  • They had to, he wouldn’t put the knife down. I bet if this dude would have been black you would be singing a different tune!