Bodycam footage of Clifford LeRoy Tucker shooting released


MARQUETTE, Mich. — A prosecutor says a sheriff’s deputy in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula was justified when he fatally shot a man who wouldn’t lower a shotgun.

The Mining Journal reports  Marquette County Prosecutor Matt Wiese announced Wednesday there would be no criminal charges. Wiese’s office said in a statement the deputy was in danger of being killed or seriously injured.

Wiese called the shooting a “tragic incident resulting in the loss of life.”

The deputy responded to the Ishpeming Township home of 68-year-old Clifford Leroy Tucker on June 9 following reports Tucker was suicidal. Authorities say Tucker approached the deputy with a shotgun and the deputy repeatedly asked Tucker to lower the weapon.

The deputy fired four times. Tucker was taken to a hospital, where was pronounced dead. The deputy wasn’t injured.

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  • Old_Redneck_Cowboy

    This was suicide by cop, plain and simple.

    • alandeon2 .

      Yes but the cop had options. The guy told the cop “I’m asking you to leave” but the cop refused to back up and wait for support. The cop was also not in danger when he shot. The guy wanted to die and instead of helping him live he helped end his life. The cop fucked up.

  • George Spelvin

    The cop badgered a guy who was clearly upset. The cop should have left and come back with a relative or a case worker skilled in negotiation.

    • autoverse

      Yup, or they should have trained the cop on how to handle this situation. Since they knew he was suicidal, they obviously were aware of the severity of the situation, and the threat that Clifford would be armed. One cop? That’s just dangerous for the officer. He needed someone who could comfort him so he could be brought out of the house and helped.

      I feel bad for everyone in this situation. Clifford for being mentally ill to the point where he was suicidal AND paranoid about outsiders. The police officer because he was the only guy visiting Clifford and was put into a situation where he didn’t have the training to deal with it, and had to make a move to make sure he didn’t die.

      I get it that there’s some urgency in addressing suicidal people, but this was handled poorly.

  • Nick Watson

    This video shows nothing – it “conveniently” freezes just before the shooting, so we never see whether or not he raised the gun. Until and unless the full footage is released, then this suggests yet another murder (or unlawful killing) by a police officer. (and yet another example of why the US should implement gun control)

  • he never raised the shotgun . the murderer had no legal authority to remain on the property after being repeatedly told to leave