Kid Lays another Student OUT after he Hits the Teacher While Swinging Wildly



Watch as this kid goes ballistic the second he see’s a fellow student throwing wild haymakers land one on the female teacher. “That’s not cool, you don’t do that” the student says to the other student in the red shirt, who struck the teacher.

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  • Dogchat58

    Always a black involved . always

  • rpn123321

    I love it how the kid was sitting nice and quiet keeping his own, and when the teacher got punched he sprung up and ended the fight with the 1-2. Kid is awesome!

  • DEM1L1CH

    What a hell hole. I feel sorry for any white kids who go to school in places like this and want to learn. They will learn nothing but the rules of the jungle. Whites that live in these places need to leave, and go to communities where people know how to raise children the right way, where people value work and success.

    • Don’t feel sorry for them. Their parents made the choice to send them to that school.

  • David Huffman

    Black lives matter! Except to other blacks- in that case, it’s survival of the fittest and they’ll kill, rape, and steal from each other as long as it puts food on their table! And not, not even for their own FAMILY, as they have the highest family abandonment of any ethnic group. So go ahead and riot! Rip your community’s infrastructure apart! Attack the police officers that are literally the only driving force to cleanup your mess! That’ll teach ’em..