Oklahoma Police Release the Intense Shootout That Erupted with Michael Vance, man who tried to dismember his family’s bodies



Tulsa, Oklahoma – Oklahoma Highway Patrol has release the Michael Vance shooting video showing the intense gunfight.

The search for Michael Vance started last week in Wellston, Oklahoma when he killed his aunt and uncle, tried to dismember their bodies, and then shot two police officers. The two officers are recovering after one was shot in the foot and the other was shot in the leg.

The following few days after the initial shooting, Vance streamed himself running from police officers. In one video he talks about stealing more cars.

On Sunday night, Dewey County Sheriff Clay Sander attempted to pull Vance over. A small gun battle took place and the Sheriff was shot. The hero is going to live and is and recovering from his injuries.

Vance was able to get away for a few hours after shooting the Sheriff. Oklahoma Highway Patrol located and pursued him until a fierce gun battle broke out. The video below starts off with several Oklahoma Highway Patrolmen flattening Vance’s tires and firing a few shots at him on a roadblock.

The next part of the video shows another Oklahoma Highway Patrolman closely following Vance. The officer reaches into his backseat, pulls his AR-15 out, and starts dumping bullets through his own windshield at Vance. He slows down momentarily to reload his 30 round magazine and dumps another 20 or so rounds in Vance’s direction.

Vance stops and exits his vehicle because it’s either disabled or because he’s just tired of this badass pumping rounds into him. Vance takes cover in front of the truck he was in, but that wasn’t enough to stop the firing line of 5 officers from raining bullets on him. Needless to say, he died from multiple cases of acute lead poisoning.

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