“I’m going to F*cking Kill You!” Psychotic woman and her boyfriend engage in an all-out brawl in the Street



A cyclist happened to arrive at the exact moment a woman was attacking a man while screaming “stop attacking my boyfriend.” The problem is the man she was attacking was attempting to stay away from her. After a series of face slaps, nut kicks, and elbows the man finally shoves the woman into the back of a van and rescues the other man. From there things continue to escalate until the cops arrive and the man who was attacked by the crazy woman is arrested.

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  • Paul Barbarian

    Clear case for open carry, if you attack another person, your life is forfeit

  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    What the hell did i just watch?

  • Smack that stupid caucasian whore out. wheres that Mexican waiter when you need him?

  • Unvarnished_Truth

    Wish someone would have slapped around the cyclist. What a doofus. He pushed her, officer he pusher her…

  • 2_Sents

    1. LOL when all 4 of them were on the ground fighting or whatever the fuck that was.
    2. LOL the sound it makes when she her head hits the van.
    3. LOL little grey shirt dude going back going all gangster yelling “cuz”
    4. LOL cyclist shitting his pants the whole time.
    5. LOL cyclist lame ass attempt at trying to open the gate.
    6. WOW the fucking wheels on that 5.0. Dude went from 1 to 11 in half a sec.
    7. Sad 8 min of my life I will never get back.

    • Elsie Monroe

      Brilliant analogy…saddo cyclist man thanks for the entertainment lol.


    vote for trump

  • the guy on the bike a bitch i hope he showed the police the whole video she punched dude in the face a few times all he did was push the ho fucken captain save a hoe ass nigga dry snitch as nigga

  • Hooch

    Bunch of retards. Including the wiener with the camera.