Tulsa Man Steals Police Car and Live Streams it on Facebook


Tulsa, Oklahoma – A Tulsa man named John Pinney steals a cop car and live-streams the whole thing on Facebook.

John Pinney is in jail after leading police on a high speed chase while inside of a stolen police car.

The incident started Monday night in downtown Tulsa on South Detroit Avenue at around 8:00 PM. A patrol officer left her keys inside of her unlocked patrol car to get some coffee. A woman called 911 and reported that a man had gotten into a police car, asked her if she wanted a ride in it, and drove off.

Pinney drove through over 4 cities throughout Tulsa county before finally being stopped. The pursuit lasted nearly 40 minutes and sometimes reached over 120 mph. The chase ended when Pinney lost police, got out of the car, and ran into his parents house.
Pinney face 9 charges total including resisting arrest, two counts of possession of a firearm by a felon, false impersonation of a public officer, reckless driving, and not wearing a seat-belt. Police stated that Pinney has a very long criminal record which includes vehicle theft, receiving stolen goods, and assaulting police.

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