Bodycam Shows Police Using Excessive Force on Drug Addict


Bodycam video released by Evansville police shows officers using excessive force on a drug addict following a burglary call. The suspect, 36-year old Mark Healy was reportedly burglarizing a garage at around 2 AM early Saturday morning. Officers apprehended Healy and proceeded to search him. In that search one officer was poked by a syringe, prompting the excessive force incident where he physically beat the handcuffed suspect.

Following this incident police chief Billy Bolin requested three officers be terminated and a fourth demoted. All officers are also currently on administrative leave. As for the suspect, he was taken to Vanderburgh County Jail where he’s facing battery, burglary, resisting law enforcement, and meth possession charges.

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  • David Huffman

    If you don’t want to get poked by a fuckin needle, maybe you shouldn’t handcuff a guy illegally and not even ask him if he has needles. Maybe show more care when handling a drug addict? It’s your fuckin job, and you deserve to catch whatever he’s got!

    • Klea Rusnim

      He was not illegally detailed. The police viewed him as a threat and they are allowed to detain people they deem dangerous by their discretion.

      “Law enforcement can handcuff you when they perceive your behavior as a threat to their safety. The criteria here is not rigid. It’s impossible to anticipate every possible situation when handcuffs would be necessary or advantageous. You can bet that any verbal or physical threat toward an officer will result in handcuffs at the very least.”

      That clause right there bud – read up on it. The cops have more power than your social studies teacher would have you believe.

      You are 100% right in stating that the cop should have asked if he had any sharps on him or not before searching his pockets.

  • aussj4link

    The bleeps to protect sensitive virgin ears from the extremely harmful effects bad words makes it impossible to tell what the fuck they are even talking about.

  • Walter Baylor

    Always, ALWAYS ask a perp if he or she has any sharps in his or her possession. Ask if you’re gonna get stuck if you stick your hand into his or her pocket. SOP!

  • Justin Kase

    What cops in the US are missing is professionalism and simple morals. You should not do the things these guys do or talk to people this way. I see it time and time again and I’ve had it happen to me in person. The talk to us like we are second class citizens.

  • Richie Rich

    The LEO’s all should have gotten a raise. Eff that dreg.

  • Danny Lamb

    That’s what you get for frisking pig

  • rightwingreborn

    He should have beat him harder.

    • Unvarnished_Truth

      hope the cops get HIV

  • 3 officers terminated for it. Excellent. Let this be a message for all psychopaths and criminals pretending to be cops.

  • Klea Rusnim

    Fuck the mother fucker – piece of shit scumbag has probably already murdered countless people – he got what he deserved.

  • getitin

    the officer is petty. killing him because of his own mistake. its a dangerous job. if you don’t like it, get a new job.