CCTV Cameras Catch a Russian Corrections Officer Shooting a Colleague over Jealousy



Russia’s investigative Committee have released CCTV footage of a shooting incident at the entrance to a correctional facility in the Komi Republic. One of the guards out of jealousy shot his colleague and then committed suicide.

The crime was committed last winter but the video of the massacre hit the press now. On the morning of 27 January 2016 35-year-old senior warrant officer S. Aliyev met his colleague at the outlet of the penal colony N31 of the city of Mikun.

The captured footage shows as a suspect, throwing it on the shoulders of two Kalashnikov assault rifles, walking back and forth waiting for someone. Seeing the victim, the attacker threw one of the “trunks” right on the snow, ran to the victim and shot him.

The wounded man fell to the ground and Aliyev finished him with a second shot. The killer then tried to kill himself with a bayonet and then shot himself after failing.

It is noteworthy that the massacre was observed by another employee of the Federal penitentiary service, holding the leash of the service dog. The dog after the first shot was trying to attack a criminal, but an employee of the Federal penitentiary service did not let it off the leash. At first the man tried to hide behind the body of the car, and then ran for help.

Eyewitnesses were hiding behind a car, while another witness got into the car and drove away. Only when the victim and the killer stopped moving, the employees of the FSIN rushed to inspect the scene and collect weapons.

The victim Aliyev was 36-the summer major of internal service H. Hasanov, who worked as a senior engineer of the security Department of the colony. He died at the scene. Aliev died in hospital on 23 February.

According to investigators, the motive for the massacre was “personal aversions”. A source in the Republican administration of the Federal penitentiary service said that Hasanov and Aliev did not share the woman who earlier was the wife of the suspect.

According Life.ruthe friendship between ensign Aliyev and major Hasanov began in the 1990s when they entered the service of the colony N31.

In 2015, the Aliyev received a lump sum payment for the purchase of housing, and then decided to leave the family. “For the life of the Aliyev was a very greedy man, – said a source in law enforcement bodies. – Apparently, greed is so overpowered him that he lost his mind and said to my wife that I will divorce her, leave the children and leave with money in Azerbaijan”.

Hasanov tried to dissuade a friend from reckless and “vile” act, which led to a quarrel. In the future, thrown Aliyev woman named Kamila began a love relationship with Hasanov. Then ex-husband felt offended and decided to take revenge.

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