The Deadly Shooting of Officer Daniel Webster Captured on Bodycam



After more than a year, the video has been released from the day Albuquerque police officer Daniel Webster was shot during a traffic stop. The release comes ahead of the January trial for his suspected killer, 35-year-old Davon Lymon. He was found guilty last month on federal gun charges, a case involving the same firearm he allegedly used to kill Webster. Some scenes are disturbing and we will not broadcast the video in its entirety. It does show Webster getting shot by the motorcyclist he pulled over on Oct. 21, 2015. In the video, Webster orders Lymon to put his hands up three times. The officer tries to put handcuffs on Lymon, but Lymon struggles and claims he’s in pain.

However, Lymon’s right hand does not leave his side. With his left hand cuffed, Lymon screams. Seconds later, four shots are fired at close range, followed by two more. Webster calls out “shots fired” on his radio. The shooting set off a four-hour manhunt for the suspect, and surveillance video shows the massive police response. Video from a police helicopter shows officers close in on a shed and arrest Lymon. Webster died from his wounds days later. Other video released Monday offers the first look at what Lymon told police after his arrest. In the interview video, Lymon reacts to task force agents taking his DNA by telling them “I know my DNA is on file already.”

Lymon has a lengthy criminal history—and spent more than a decade in prison after being convicted of manslaughter in 2001. In the interview video, Lymon told APD officers he wanted an attorney. He also told officers he was sorry for shooting officer Webster “If you see that person–that guy’s family–tell them I’m so sorry,” Lymon said. “Please. I honestly don’t know what the f*** happened. I don’t remember it.” Lymon also told officers that he is indebted to Webster’s family. “If they need something, just tell me,” Lymon said. “I owe them something.”

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