High School Teacher Used A ‘UFC CHOKE HOLD’ To Break Up Fight


High School Teacher Is Coming UNDER FIRE By School Administrators, Because He Used A ‘UFC CHOKE HOLD’ To Break Up Fight!!

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  • He exercised control when applying the choke and didn’t overdo it so I don’t see the problem. The problem with many guys who aren’t trained in the martial arts is that they put too much pressure on the choke because they’re excited and they don’t have the practice and control. A police officer with almost zero martial arts training, for example, can kill or seriously harm someone by using the forearm or baton choke but because they’re a police officer there’s no repercussion if they do.

    • David Huffman

      They get a high-5 and a “hah, did you hear him gasp for air when I let go? We got ’em Butch!”

  • Haywould Youblowme

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  • Imperator82

    likely outcome: both students will receive merit-medals, and the teacher will be suspended indefinitely.