Mall cop holds and chokes pregnant women because he suspected her to be stealing


The video shows a Westfield Brandon mall cop wrestling and pinning an alleged shoplifter to the ground. The altercation attracts a crowd and horrified gasps can be heard after the woman he is restraining claims she is pregnant.

The man, apparently a loss prevention guard at JCPenney, appears to apply a choke-hold to the woman and is yelled at by shoppers who have stopped to watch the incident.

At one point in the video the woman can be heard saying, “Your d*** is in my a** and I’m three months pregnant.”

The pair continues to wrestle as the woman tries to sit up, before other shop staff arrives to defuse the situation.

The woman claims she didn’t run when confronted by the guard because she is three months pregnant.

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  • AbItCrAzE

    lookt like he was enjoying it

  • Klea Rusnim

    Whiny cunts. If the bitch didn’t want to get tackled – she should not have tried to run the fuck away! It’s funny how these thug nugget criminals try to pretend to be the victim right after they commit a fucking crime – fuck that “pregnant” but just probably fat as fuck cunt and regressive lefty articles like these. Probably written by some beta male cuck.

  • Miles Eston

    you’re pregnant? F****** stupid black fat ass b**** first of all how could anybody tell you you’re so f****** fat second of all who would f*** you?

  • Marcelo De Oliveira Soares

    Fat is not pregnancy.

  • Three Months Pregnant.???? JUST FAT.!!!!!!