Gas Station clerk fights off a Would be robber, by throwing store items at him



Service station attendant fights off armed robber with bags of lollies

An armed bandit got more than he bargained for when he was pelted with bags of lollies during an attempted hold-up at Cessnock.

Security footage shows a black Hyundai i30 moving to the front door of a BP service station about 5.45am on Sunday.

Armed servo robber faught off with lollies
A balaclava-clad thief cops a barrage of lollies while trying to enter a service station near Newcastle on Sunday. Vision: Today Show, Channel Nine.
The balaclava-clad robber jumps out of the car, brandishing a metal bar.

The service station attendant throws small bags of confectionery at the intruder to keep him out.

The offender then flees to the car, which drives off.

The car was later found burnt out.

Central Hunter Detective Inspector Mitch Dubojski said the incident was a reminder for businesses to be vigilant about unusual behaviour.

He urged people to contact police if they noticed any suspicious activity.

An employee of the service station told officers that he noticed the driver was wearing a face covering, similar to a bandanna, as the car pulled in.

The armed offender was described as wearing a balaclava, black jumper, track pants with two stripes down the side and black socks.

A passenger was also spotted in the rear of the vehicle in a black balaclava, grey jumper with black and teal sleeves, grey gloves and pink socks.

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