Guy driving crazy on a motorcycle crashes on the highway, bike catches on fire


Written by the rider:

This was on 11.29.16 around 9:30 AM in San Diego, California 805 north. Before the 805 and 15 split. The story is if you watch my shadow I lean left to move over lanes because the VW Golf is going about 40-45 MPH and without using his indicator he starts to move over as well.

So I lean right to get back into my lane, but the guy does the same thing. I let go of my throttle and all I could do is slam my brakes and hope for best. SKIP TO 2:20 in the video if you just want to see the crash.

I know it could of been avoided maybe if I had slowed down earlier, but it would not have happened if the person used his indicator to switch lanes.

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  • analmilk

    guy was being a complete ass. lane splitting is one thing, blowing across the highway into the slow lane just to pass everyone is another. glad his bike roasted. too bad he didn’t lose a leg so he couldn’t ride again.

  • Aaron Bowman

    the commentary in this is like the biker did nothing wrong? Driving like an asshole no wonder. This is how people get killed. How is lane splitting legal in some states?

  • roberto

    To the bike guy, please use condom, don’t reproduce

  • Boring & Sucks.!!!!! He Came out with only a Skin Keen.!!!! At Least Broking Arms and Legs.!!!

    If He Came Out With BROKING BACK & NECK…. I Would Send Him.!!!! Nurse Bush Will Take Good Care of His TINY DICK.!!!!!!!

  • GunFarce

    I actually Applauded when he hit that car.. What a douchbag, hopefully he was charged and fined for being a total asshole on the road!