Cop Fired After Challenging Teen To Fight For Yelling “F**k the Police”


A metro Atlanta police officer has been fired after allegedly yelling at a teenager and trying to fight him during a traffic stop. Social Circle Chief Tyrone Oliver fired Officer James Sanders after receiving an anonymous tip about the incident. Sanders pulled over the car after a teenager yelled out “F**k the police” when Sanders was busy with a different traffic stop, according to Oliver. Dashcam and Bodycam footage shows Sanders following the Jeep and eventually pulling it over. Video reveals Sanders yelling at the teens inside the car. When one of the teens admitted to yelling the slur.

“Get out the jeep. What’d you have to say?” Sanders said. The teen responded with “Nothing.” “Tell me one more time and you’re going to jail son,” Sanders said. At one point, Sanders tells the teen to try and fight him. “You wanna f**k the police? Well I am right here brother,” Sanders declared. Oliver said that Sanders didn’t have a legal justification to pull over the car. As well, he conducted a search without a warrant, Oliver said. “He did state that he pulled them over for failure to maintain lane. When you look at the video, the vehicle did hit the white line but it was after he was coming up on them with a high rate of speed,”

Oliver declared. Sanders had three previous disciplinary actions on his record, according to Oliver. A 2014 written reprimand reveals that Sander allegedly made threats against a high school staff. School officials didn’t approve of the security he provided and wanted to discuss their issues before paying him. Sanders allegedly threatened to blow up the school and mail in anthrax. Oliver said that Sanders’ past did not have any influence on his decision to fire him. “We’re held to a higher standard and we have to conduct ourselves as such. We have to have tough skin and let things roll of our back,” Oliver said.

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  • Tyler Durden

    why does he feel that way about the police? i dunno…. maybe cuz they abuse their authority… they got pulled over for something that the other cop said was NOT against the law… 1st amendment… awwww…. poor lil cop got his fragile feelings hurt and decides to pick on a kid… what a tough guy… someone get him a wheelbarrow so he can lug around his balls….

  • Miles Eston

    Wait wait wait, that cop got fired for doing that? How much more professional and polite can he be? Of course he’s going to pull that guy over he has to there could be a f****** mental patient driving around screaming out the window that he needs to check on. That is some weak-ass s*** are you kidding me