Austrian Girl Attacked And Almost Raped By Teenagers In The Subway


Austrian girl attacked and almost raped by teenagers in the subway saved by 2 men

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  • theymusthatetesla

    My Brother in Law (big Liberal) was up at my mum’s over Christmas. I was saying how it’s now Hell in places like Germany, due to these ‘things’ taking over. He said it was ‘all just Sky News and the like, blowing things all out of proportion and they’re just wanting to pander to racists’.
    Just how FAR into flat out denial, can a person be? They’re actually starting to sell ‘anti rape pants’ in Germany, now. What the FUCK is WRONG with people in the West? Are they really THAT afraid of being called a ‘Racist’ that they will stand by and see this happen?
    Had I a daughter or sister that got attacked by one of these creatures, and he/they could be identified later…..well, let’s just say there would be no bodies found!