Bodycam Shows Cop Shoot Pitbull After Attacking Owner


, according to a Shelby Police press release. Shelby Police received a call around 10:15 p.m. Saturday, where the owner reportedly was bitten by his dog, a brindle-colored Pit bull, according to the police report. Police arrived to find the dog in a back bedroom with the victim, who had suffered moderate injuries and was bleeding profusely. An officer used a Taser on the dog, allowing the owner time to break free from the canine and leave the room. The door to the room was inoperable because of a remodel, so officers were unable to contain the dog, which began to charge for the door. While officers John Reed and Cody Baker stood between the victim and the dog, Baker officers fired two rounds from his pistol, striking the dog.

The woman who called police told officers she and the victim were arguing and the argument prompted the dog’s attack. She said the dog had not behaved this was in the past. The Owner was taken to OhioHealth Mansfield Hospital for treatment, followed by surgery at a Columbus hospital. “It appears based on a review of the incident and the officer’s reports that the shooting was a necessity,” police chief Lance Combs said in a Sunday news release. “Officers Reed and Baker did a phenomenal job of working together reacting quickly, protecting the residents and neutralizing the threat. Shelby Fire and Community EMS are to be commended for such a quick response.”

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  • coronagrey

    He tells the dog to stay down before he shot it.

  • Aaron Bowman

    Sadly it was probably the correct call on the officers part.. this time… however I guarantee you they likely mistreated the dog to some degree to illicit that kind reaction. Sounds like the dog was protecting the female.

  • Anon

    Don’t even know if people actually care, but pit bulls are an overwhelming majority of dog attack victims.
    [Only make up 6.7% of US dog pop, but ~7x more likely to attack you than the next breed, and 40x more likely to attack you then the #3 breed]
    [In this year alone so far, 5/7 attacks were pitbull or pitbull mix]
    [Easier list to read from previous link]

    Even some of the sites that are trying to say “it’s not the dogs fault, he a gud boy, he dindu nuffin, it was the mastahs fault” are providing info about attack stats showing pitbull breeds at the top of the list. Some dogs are just breed to be mean motherfuckers, and was completely intentional from the breeders standpoint. Instead of trying to change how people see the dog, or try and change how people treat the dog, how about you make a change to its biology. It’s not meant to be a house hold domesticated animal, much like a bear, tiger, or prime predator. These fucking shitbags are breed to be killers, and built tough. They have no place near anyone that ins’t looking to lose a limb or life.