Speeding Drunk Driver Ends 3 Lives In Brutal Crash


Novi Sad, Serbia –

, the speeding and being drunk found him culpable and he was sentenced to 30 days in detention.

The prosecutor suggested that Vranic remains in custody, since the offense he is charged for carries a sentence of more than 10 years in prison by the law,” the source added.

The criminal complaint filed against Vranic is not the only one, the daily writes. On June 24 2013 he was driving without a proper driver’s licence. On April 11 this year, charges were filed to the Magistrate’s Court against Vranic for causing a traffic accident because of speeding. On May 23 this year, the Misdemeanor Court received a request for criminal proceedings against him for driving under the influence of alcohol, the daily writes.

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  • George Spelvin

    Unless they have different traffic lights in Serbia….the guy who got hit was at fault.