Young Asian Women Beaten Up For Flirting With A Married Man


A young woman was subjected to a beating by two angry wives who accused her of flirting with one of their husbands.

The victim, who was unnamed in reports, screamed for help and begged for her life during the ordeal – but she was ignored by all passers-by and also the person who filmed the incident.

The bloody beating is said to have happened on the streets of Shaoyang City, in Central China’s Henan Province , where the woman was just planning to return home on her electric bike.

The wife of the married man she had befriended somehow managed to track down where she worked and intercepted her outside her office building, throwing her off her bike and punching her in the face.

The wife was accompanied by either a friend or a relative, and the pair of them showed no mercy to the alleged homewrecker.

In the disturbing viral video , the woman can be heard shouting: “Please, someone call the police,” but none of the people watching is willing to intervene.

According to reports, the wife found out about alleged inappropriate conversations with her husband after she scrolled through their exchanges on instant-messaging application WeChat.

She found their talks to be “flirtatious” and decided to nip their relationship in the bud in the most extreme of ways.

Astonishingly, the beating continues in the presence of young children as well, and it did not end for quite some time.

It is unclear whether the wife and her partner were arrested after the fact, but reports suggested she may have believed a week’s jail time to be a worthy sacrifice in order to save her marriage.

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