Black Woman Schools Young Girl In Shoplifting 101


Pembroke Park, FL –

Tuesday afternoon in Pembroke Park. Detectives are searching for this shoplifting coach and her young victim.

At 3:30 p.m. on August 11, customers at 24/7 Liquors in Pembroke Park alerted the clerks that a
young girl had just stolen a bottle of liquor. The girl went to a car in the parking lot, but the adult woman with whom she had been shopping was still in the store. The clerks confronted the woman; she went out to a car, then returned and told them the girl had not stolen anything.

Security video shows the woman as she instructed the child on which item to steal. She then walked away from the child toward the front of the store. The child attempted to lift a large bottle of liquor but found it to be too heavy. The woman then

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