Off-Duty Military Police Disarms Thug With A Shot To The Hand


in his hand, giving a stealing voice and putting the cash from the box in a backpack.
Faced with the facts, the same realizing the event of the crime, acted because of its function, verbalizing with the suspect and identifying himself as a military police officer, requesting that the author release the weapon, but the individual did not obey the orders and pointed the weapon In the direction of the policeman, at which moment, in order to impel the imminent aggression and in order to preserve his integrity, he fired a firearm, targeting the robber in the region of his right hand.

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  • George Spelvin

    So….blacks are criminals regardless of their country? Thought they were just a scourge here in the US. Turns out they are a scourge on the entire planet.

    • VaricoseVain

      Georgina, what the fuck are you on about?

      • George Spelvin

        The vid is from Brazil. Shows a black thief being thwarted by a white cop. In the US the same thing happens. In England the same thing happens. In Italy, France, Germany, Spain.

        Seems that no matter where black show up, they are criminals. In Africa, at least, the cops tend to be black but the criminals are still dark as night.

  • rpn123321

    shot the gun right outta his hand. impressive!

  • VaricoseVain

    This is what happens when you run your captions through Google Translate six times. Seriously, wtf does “acted because of its function” mean?

  • Barrett Johnson

    Holy mother of engrish. I take it you guys copy/pasted an article in to google translate?