Video of football star Joe Mixon punching a female student has been released


In the video, the student Amelia Molitor and Mixon, 20, appear to argue during the 2014 altercation that left her with a broken jaw.

Molitor, now 22, is seen pushing Mixon, who then lunged at her before she slapped him.

Mixon, who is the running back for the Oklahoma Sooners, is then seen punching her in the face at a restaurant near campus, causing her to hit her head against the table and fall to the floor.

The football star was charged with misdemeanor assault for the attack, and entered a plea.

He was ordered to one year on probation, 100 hours of community service and behavioral counseling.

Earlier this month, Oklahoma’s Supreme Court ruled it had to be released, despite pleas from Molitor’s lawyers who asked the judge not to publicly release the video of the incident.

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  • James

    She threw the first punch. Can’t take a beating don’t ask for one.