Intense Video of police shootout with gunmen in downtown Chechen capital surfaces online

Witnesses in downtown Grozny have captured a dramatic standoff between police and gunmen who earlier attacked an officer and stole his car. Footage captures non-stop Kalashnikov rounds in the street not far from the Chechen capital’s high-rises.
The head of Russia’s Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, said that four gunmen were killed in the Saturday night operation, with two taken to hospital.

The attack started with the gunmen assaulting a police officer and stealing his car, after which they fruitlessly sought another police officer in his home.

The police sealed off the area for traffic, but several passers-by happened to be near the scene and filmed footage of the shootout. It shows the officers, who were reportedly fired at when attempting to pull over the suspects’ vehicle, not sparing any bullets while raining fire on the gunmen.

Luckily, no civilians were hurt in the incident, for which Kadyrov praised the prompt police response. He said only one traffic police officer, who was ran over by the gunmen’s car during the chase, was injured.

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