Bodycam Captures Arrest Of Suspected Drunk Driving Lieutenant


Washtenaw County Lt. Brian Filipak is on an administrative leave as the investigation continues. Video shows Filipak repeatedly asking to just be let go, but the Montmorency deputies weren’t having it, and at one point, told him they would use a stun gun on him if he didn’t knock it off. “Brian, I’m going to have you step out of the car and do some field sobriety tests,” an officer said.

Filipak was pulled over after deputies said they saw his car weave all over the road. “Just let me stay here,” Filipak said. He pleaded with the deputies to let him sleep it off on the side of the road, repeatedly refusing to budge from his truck. The deputy told him he had to get out of the truck now, but Filipak continued to refuse the orders and forced the deputies to pull him from his pickup truck.

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  • Seanybiker

    Fair play to the cop for doing the right thing. I’d imagine it has happened loads of times that the cop would have left the fella off.

  • DEM1L1CH

    pussy cop got 100x more courtesy than anyone else would have gotten and he still has the gall to bitch and complain. needs to lose his badge over this, obviously has the inclination to be corrupt and dirty.

  • Bryan Bennett

    Dumbass said too much while being recorded. Best to remain silent and let the lawyers do their thing.