Guyanese Man Tortured On Camera By Venezuelan Drug Cartel After Stealing 28 Million Dollars!


This Guyanese man stole 28 million dollars “drugs money ” from Venezuelan drugs cartel and now he has two days to pay back the money..

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  • Shaun Axen

    fucking dipshits cant even film right.

    • El Stevo

      They’re drug dealers, NOT cinematographers

  • Blue

    Whelp he’s fucked

  • TriLL SeEd

    Money got you kill. Damn shame!

  • Han Solo

    if theres one guy in the world i dont wanna be its THAT GUY

    • bLAHHH

      That is not the same guy…as the one in the left picture…
      I’ve heard of the Cartel senselessly killing people and then blaming the
      killing on the victims to scare other people from fucking with them…
      this could have been a senseless killing…Also this could have been a kidnapping and a ransom or a message/warning/ to the person who stole the 28 million!!

      • Pats Nation

        Or the title can be bullshit

        • bLAHHH

          That too!

  • MerkelBaba

    Guy: please family, send the money in two days…
    family: who is that guy?

  • Biafra land