Bodycam Shows Police Shoot Man Armed With Knife in Maryland


Baltimore County Police on Wednesday released dramatic video of an officer shooting a man carrying a knife, the first time the agency has released footage from police body cameras. Two of the officers who responded to the Pikesville apartment of Bryant Junious Palmer on Friday night were wearing body cameras, including the officer who shot and wounded the 48-year-old man. The videos show the officers approaching the apartment and a shirtless Palmer opening the door and yelling, “Time to die! Time to die!” Police said Palmer was armed with a knife.

The officers retreated down the steps, with one of the officers firing a single shot that struck Palmer near his right shoulder. The officer has only been identified by his rank and last name: Officer Remmers. He has seven years of experience with the county police and has not been involved in any prior shootings. Remmers is on administrative leave while police and prosecutors investigate the shooting. After the shooting, the videos show one officer handcuffing Palmer behind his back while he screamed in apparent pain.

Remmers, meanwhile, calls for a medic and then runs out to a police cruiser to get medical supplies, the videos show. He goes back into the apartment building and helps another officer treat Palmer’s gunshot wound. Remmers asks Palmer for his name and what happened. Palmer responds: “I keep hearing all these voices, they’re tormenting me.” Remmers then replies: “OK, just stay with us, all right? You’re going to be OK. All right, bud?” Palmer was being treated at Sinai Hospital and is expected to recover. He has been charged with three counts of first-degree assault, three counts of second-degree assault and three counts of possessing a dangerous weapon, according to court records.

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