Intense Moment Manager And Shopper Fight At Florida Mall


Holiday shopping hijinks took a violent turn Wednesday at a South Florida mall.

Cellphone video posted online shows a fight breaking out between a shoe store worker and a customer at Sawgrass Mills Mall. In the video, you don’t see what sparked the confrontation, but you do see how it ends – in blows.

Sunrise Police say the scuffle unfolded around 5:30 p.m. between a store manager at Steve Madden and a tourist reportedly visiting from Switzerland.

Footage shows the shopper attempted to enter the store, but another male employee blocks her. That’s when the store manager walks up to the door and asks the woman to back up. The upset shopper shouts, “I’m not doing anything to you!”

The male worker keeps the woman out of the store and says police are on the way. To which she responds with, “I don’t care!”

From there, the situation spirals down as the shopper reaches over and throws water at the store manager’s face. The store manager then punches her twice in the face, before being pulled back inside the store.

The other employees shut the doors. “You hit my like a crazy! I’m going to sue you!” shouts the tourist.

The store closed for several hours after the fight.

Sunrise Police say they are investigating the incident. No arrests have been made.

Steve Madden nor Sawgrass Mills Mall have not released an official statement on the brawl. However, a mall spokeperson called the fight an isolated incident.

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  • ShadowInc

    That blonde deserved a smack in the dome.