Crazy Man With Knife Attacks Two Police Officers


Northants Police have released bodycam footage of officer Alex Prentice and Debbie Wishart being attacked by Lee Vickers, who was armed with a knife. The officers used restraint and were able to subdue the suspect without lethal force. Mr. Vickers was sentenced to three and a half years in jail.
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  • Predreus

    “The officers used restraint and were able to subdue the suspect without lethal force” Ya, because they don’t actually have guns

    • aussj4link

      Still, they did it nonetheless.

    • Nick Watson

      That is because guns are not necessary.

      • David Huffman

        Guns are absolutely necessary in many cases.. It isn’t about barely skimming by for the sake of “Yeah, we didn’t HAVE to kill him!” The personal safety of the good and sane minded individual is of such importance that people who are wicked or mentally sick enough to threaten bodily harm to others do not need that extra little bit of caution to preserve their lives.. Go ahead and shoot them. If a person is trying to kill or stab you, don’t sit there and think of what ways you can stop him from killing you AND keeping Bib in good health.. you wouldn’t rehabilitate a dog that tried to kill your son, I hope you would realize that a human with the same motives is even more deadly.

  • ShadowInc

    If that guy with the knives hadn’t have been such a candy ass, those cops would have likely been stabbed multiple times. They really lucked out.

  • David Huffman

    I like how he just keeps saying “Yeah okay” lol