School Bully Again: High School Student Slaps Her Classmate Until She Bleed


A video went viral online showing a female high school student slapping another girl continuously until her nose bled in their dorm in Youxian county of Hunan Province earlier this month. Police carried out an investigation immediately. The student claimed she beat the girl because she cursed her friends online, so she gathered a group of people to beat her and uploaded the video online. Local officials claimed that they have a zero-tolerance for bullying, and the student has been detained for further investigation.

According to a survey carried out by China Youth and Children Research Center in 2016, 32.5 percent of China’s students had experience of “mild bullying,” with 6 percent saying that they had been severely bullied on at least one occasion.

The Education Supervision and Guidance Committee of the State Council in May this year launched a special campaign in a bid to urge schools to focus on dealing with accelerating bullying cases. Schools are also required to conduct education and classes focused on school violence, to prevent their students from bullying others.

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