‘Kick delayed’ thief break glass door to steal shop, has pierced artery and dies


Attempted theft was recorded by the security cameras of the store. Thieves tried to rescue the man and were arrested at the hospital.

The man died after kicking a glass door to try to rob an auto parts store in Reserva, in the Campos Gerais of Paraná.

The attempted robbery, at dawn this Wednesday (28), was recorded by the local security cameras.

The video shows the moment when the man kicks the glass, which shatters.

According to police, part of the door cut the man’s leg. He was rescued by two other men, who also participated in the attempted robbery. They took him to the hospital, but the man could not resist bleeding from a ruptured artery. Those same suspects who aided the man were then arrested by the police. The car they drove at the time of the crime was also seized

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