Fleeing Suspect Runs Head First into Seattle Police Car


The video shows the captured by a police cruiser Dashcam, an incident with a suspect running away after police believed recognizing him saying “90% sure it’s him”. The officer also mention to the dispatch that the suspect has a felony warrant and just want to contact him and that he had an armed endangers caution, he says.

When the officer stopped to talk with the suspect walking on the sidewalk, the suspect immediately ran away until hitting head first into another police vehicle. Then the officers proceed to his arrest.

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  • kyle durning

    Should be retitled from “runs into police car” to “Shoved by cop into police car”.

    • Lonnie Paranuk

      He Should not have run from the police.

      • kyle durning


  • Old_Fokker

    In our “Add insult to injury” Department.. may I assist you sir ?