Shocking Knife Attack Inside Dallas Chicken, Brixton Shop


Masked thugs armed with knives and belts storm a chicken shop and punch, kick and WHIP customers while filming the horrific attack on a phone Masked men attack at least three people inside Dallas Chicken, Brixton, London One man is stabbed four times in the leg, once in the arm and once in abdomen Footage shows one suspect holding mobile phone to record as he stabs victim Police released CCTV in hunt for the suspects, that left victim needing surgery

An 18-year-old was was stabbed repeatedly by mask thugs who went on a rampage inside a takeaway in chilling footage recorded on a mobile phone.
Clad in black and armed with knives and belts, the clip shows at least three assailants whipping, punching and kicking several apparently defenceless victims.
As the blows rain down, one of the attackers can be seen drawing a knife and thrusting it forward while appearing to record it with a mobile phone in his other hand.

Footage shows one masked man pull back what looks like a whip, while another on the right appears to be carrying a knife in the raid inside a chicken shop in south London

The masked man in the centre brings forward the whip and appears to strike the man standing in the centre in the face in Dallas Chicken, Brixton
The teenager, who has not been identified, was hit in the face with a belt then stabbed several times by one of the suspects, Scotland Yard said.
When he fell to the floor, one of the suspects stabbed him again before kicking him in the head.

The teenager suffered four stab wounds to his leg, one to the abdomen and one to the arm and needed surgery after the attack, which took place on Monday evening.
Video of the stabbing in Brixton, south London, has been released by Scotland Yard detectives in a bid to trace the 18-year-old’s attackers.
Police said they were called to the Dallas Chicken takeaway on Brixton Road at 5.30pm.
The victim was rushed to hospital in south London and underwent surgery on his abdomen. He has since been discharged but requires further surgery to the wound on his arm.

The frames from the footage, shown in chronological order, show the suspects walk in with their hoods up as three men are standing at the counter

The scene quickly becomes violent, with the masked men rushing towards the people inside and grabbing the man on the left

Detective Constable Remy Smith, from Lambeth CID, said: ‘This is a shocking and brutal assault that has left the victim very distressed from his ordeal.
‘We are keen to identify the men in the CCTV footage so we can speak to them about the incident. We would also urge anyone who witnessed the incident to contact us.’
According to witnesses there were a further three suspects on bicycles outside the shop at the time of the assault.
All of the suspects then left together as a group as they made their way northbound along Brixton Road.
One man was later arrested on suspicion of possession of a knife and police appealed for help in finding four other suspects.
One is described as a black man, aged in his early 20s, of medium build. He was wearing a black puffa-style jacket, blue jeans, a white belt, a black face-covering and black shoes with white laces.

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