Christian Murdered in Egypt for Selling Alcohol


A shopkeeper in Alexandria was murdered on the evening of January 3 when an Islamist snuck up behind him with a knife and slit his throat, according to Arab media reports translated by commentator Raymond Ibrahim.

The murder was recorded on CCTV.

Adel Suleiman (48) murdered Joseph Lam’i (45) because he owned a shop that sold alcohol, according to an investigative report.

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  • Old_Fokker

    I would not stay there to prove a point. I would be at odds, rescue the defeated christians , then level the middle east? nope just ban religion over there until people grow up and either accept one another, or be sure a secular gov’t is instilled to retrain the idiotic religions of the desert. It has ruined the counties of desert– europe is next.
    Multiculturalism is a failed ‘feel-good’ story of the last 50 years. Keep people of superstition separated, by continent, not postal or zip code.