Man Gets Shot After Attacking Police With Log Chain


The dash camera video has been released of the man who attacked police with a logging chain before being shot by two officers on Hwy. 16 just outside La Crosse.

Daniel Lexvold, who was released Monday from the hospital and in court Tuesday on 14 criminal charges. He’s been charged with three counts of attempted battery to police officers, battery to a police K9, resisting arrest, criminal damage to property, along with a domestic related disorderly conduct that initially called the 37-year-old to police’s attention.

Lexvold also had seven counts of felony bail jumping on his record. Lexvold has eight open cases in La Crosse County court, dating back to August of 2015, including four felony charges from 2016.

In December, he pleaded not guilty to theft and bail jumping and is waiting to be tried. He’s also charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and driving with a revoked license.

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