Graphic Video Captures Shootout Involving Deputy


TROUP COUNTY, Ga. – Dramatic video obtained exclusively by Channel 2 Action News shows a shootout between a deputy and a suspect in Troup County.

The shooting happened Monday afternoon as the deputy was performing a welfare check at the suspect’s home on Jackson Street. Officers said the man’s father had called in a report that his adult son was in the midst of a mental health episode.

Deputy Michael Hockett’s dash camera was running as he responded to the scene.

In the video, Hockett is heard yelling at the suspect, “Drop the gun now!”

Moments later he’s seen running away as the armed suspect chases him. Hockett jumps a fence and the suspect begins firing at him.

Hockett returns fire, hitting the suspect in the shoulder. Hockett was also hit in his forehead, elbow and waist by pellets from a shotgun blast during the shootout.

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  • Old_Fokker

    And I complained about my order at a drive-through. Our Police have a lot of crap to deal with. Mental health cases are obvious in to days lifestyle. Look at the behavior of society when they don’t accept a President, correctly elected.