Distressing footage shows kindergarten teacher abusing deaf child


This is the shocking moment a Chinese kindergarten teacher violently slams a deaf pupil on the floor before repeatedly kicking him for being ‘too naughty’.

The footage was reportedly taken in September 2016 in the city of Shenyang and later uploaded online on January 12

The kindergarten later revealed that the woman involved in the incident has been dismissed.

Staff at the school named Haitun Ying’er Kindergarten admitted on January 12 that the incident had occurred.

In the footage, a child can be seen lying on the floor while another child and the woman are sat down.

She can then be seen grabbing the child as it makes a noise.

Becoming increasingly frustrated, she then pushes the child around before then slamming the child against the floor.

She then starts kicking and scolding the child as it continues to cry.

According to reports, the woman also pinched the child and said that he was ‘too naughty’.

The footage was taken by a member of staff who said that the school’s principal had threatened him.

The creator of the video said that the woman conducting the vicious beating was surnamed Zhang.

They also said that the child had been attending the school for a long time and the parents to not take the child back home every day.

Zhang has been dismissed but another person also responsible for beating in the school was not allowed to come in for two days.

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  • Old_Fokker

    It sucks because, they hired a nasty ‘dragon’ to care for a special needs child.

  • typical woman