Police officer screams as hammer-wielding thug attacks cops


A convicted murderer who was allowed into Britain despite being was jailed in the Netherlands after slitting a woman’s throat has been jailed for life for a ‘horror film’ attack on two police officers using a hammer.

Afghan-born Jamshid Piruz, 35, served six years of a 12-year jail term imposed in August 2007 for the ‘cold-blooded’ killing of his tenant in Almere a year earlier, according to Dutch court documents.

Hove Crown Court heard that after arriving in Britain in December 2015 to visit relatives, Dutch citizen Piruz missed his return flight home from Gatwick Airport on January 4 2016.

He went on to be arrested and prosecuted for assault after he spat at a member of easyJet staff who told him he would need to buy a new ticket.

After appearing in court and being ordered to pay compensation, he went on to burgle some garages in Crawley, West Sussex, where he stole some tools including a hammer.

On January 7, police were called after a member of the public saw Piruz attempting a further break-in which led to him attacking Police Constables Jessica Chick and Stuart Young.

Dramatic police bodycam footage showed Piruz being cornered by officers in a tool shed before he lashed out with a claw hammer.

Francesca Lewington, prosecuting, said that firearms officers Tasered Piruz three times but to no effect, because of the thickness of his clothing, other than to make him angry.

She described how Pc Chick was trapped screaming behind a pillar by Piruz, who swung the hammer at her.

Pc Young, who was hit in the neck, described it as ‘akin to a horror film’.

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  • Old_Fokker

    Police are our first line of defense against ourselves. They weed-out the misfits of society and take all this abuse in our name. I couldn’t imagine the report they had to fill out.
    Should give all these horrible criminals a free flight on “Sans-Parachute Airlines” over the Atlantic. Thanks for your brave service, to a thankless Society.