Bizarre Video Of Cop Being Arrested For DUI In Milwaukee


In this video, a Milwaukee police officer is accused of driving drunk. However, he in turn accuses the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s deputy of stopping him out of revenge — indicating the two have known each other for decades.

The video begins with the deputy pulling over a truck that was swerving near 83rd and Bluemound early on Sunday, January 1st.

Eventually the driver, identified as Milwaukee Police Officer Michael Boden stepped back with the deputy — wanting no part in a field sobriety test.

The video shows the deputy asked Boden to put his hands at his side.

“I’m not gonna do that,” Boden said.

“You don’t wanna do it? You wanna refuse?” the deputy asked.

“I’m not refusing. I’m not doing it,” Boden said.

Boden’s reason for the refusal was that the traffic stop was done out of revenge.

“You and I have gone down this path a long time ago,” Boden said.

“Yeah, how much have you had to drink? No, it’s not payback,” the deputy said.

“It’s payback,” Boden said.

“It’s not payback. What do you want me to do?” the deputy said.

A spokesman with the Milwaukee Police Department said an internal investigation is underway, adding that Boden faces discipline from the department.

The video shows a lieutenant eventually arrived and asked the officer why he wasn’t complying.

“I’ve known him for, what? 25, 20 years?” Boden said.

“Known who?” the lieutenant asked.

“This man, and I’ve known him to not be a very good person,” Boden said.

When asked whether Boden and the deputy have any history, a spokeswoman with the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office pointed to a specific point in the video.

“Andy. Payback,” Boden said.

“Who’s Andy?” the deputy asked.

“You,” Boden said.

“I’m not Andy…” the deputy said.

Nevertheless, the video shows Boden said he’s not doing any test — not for the deputy and not for his supervisor.

“I have no idea why I was pulled over,” Boden said.’

“So you weren’t drinking or you were drinking?” the lieutenant asked.

“I have no idea,” Boden said.

This would be Boden’s first OWI.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office said he could face additional misdemeanor charges, including having a gun in the car while intoxicated.

They are waiting for results from the Crime Lab before deciding what charges will be filed.

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  • Bryan Bennett

    He’s a cop. All he has to do is admit “he has a problem”, go to some bullshit treatment, and he’ll be back on the job.