Surveillance Footage Released From Fatal Chicago Police Shooting In November!


The Independent Police Review Authority has released videos from the fatal police shooting of 26-year-old Darius Jones in November.

Police have said officers were on patrol near 69th and Damen on Nov. 18, 2016, when they saw one man shooting at another. They repeatedly ordered the gunman to drop his weapon, and when he didn’t, the officers shot him, according to police.

The videos show two angles of the fight that led up to the fatal shooting.

The first video shows three men spilling out of a business onto 69th Street.

Jones already had a gun in his hand as he was fighting with two other men when officers pulled up.

One of the men fighting with him grabbed Jones, and lifted him off the ground, but before he can body slam Jones, Jones fired a shot, causing the man to let go and run for his life. Then Jones fired at least half a dozen shots at the men striking one in the stomach.

A police SUV was just around the corner and pulled up to Jones as he was firing. Police said officers ordered Jones to drop his weapon, but he didn’t. Both officers opened fire, wounding Jones, who was taken to a hospital where he died less than an hour later.

It was such a hectic scene that the officer at the wheel of the SUV actually forgot to put the vehicle into park, and after the shooting, he had to jump in to stop the vehicle from rolling down the street.

The second video shows the fight in greater detail, but police are not visible during the brief altercation.

One man attempted to punch Jones as the three exited the business, and another man grabbed Jones, and then ran out of the picture, knocking over the first man as Jones fires multiple shots, wounding one of the other men.

Police have said the man Jones shot was taken to the hospital in critical condition at the time, but police have not provided that man’s name or an update on his condition.

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