Shocking bodycam footage shows white Texas police officer kicking a black girl


The Facebook video of the violent arrests has been viewed millions of times online and prompted outrage in the community as people protested and demanded the officer be fired.

The Fort Worth Police Department had denied media requests to release Martin’s bodycam footage before Craig’s attorney Lee Merritt opted to release it on Thursday.

Merritt said in an email to the Associated Press that he had received the bodycam video from a trusted source whom he declined to identify.

‘Under the laws of the State of Texas, the attorneys for the Craig family are legally entitled to the complete investigative file, records and recordings of this incident and any officers involved. The FWPD have denied and/or delayed several requests from our office in providing this information,’ Merritt wrote.

Martin served a 10-day suspension and has since returned to work. He is appealing his suspension with the city’s Civil Service Commission.

A disciplinary report submitted to the commission said Martin violated department policy by using excessive force and failing to thoroughly investigate. Other findings included neglect of duty, being discourteous to the public and conduct prejudicial to good order.

Fort Worth Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald said earlier this month that Martin violated policy and is sorry for his behavior.

Fitzgerald said he has asked Martin, who will also be required to undergo additional training, to go back into the same community ‘to repair relationships.’

Craig and her daughters were arrested on charges that include disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Her attorney has demanded that the officer be fired and criminally charged, that all charges against the Craig family be dropped and that the neighbor be charged with assaulting her son.

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