Bodycam Shows Muhammad Abdul’s Mysterious Death During Arrest


Phoenix police body-camera shows the moments a suspect died while being placed under arrest. Police were initially called to the Maryvale Community Center on a report that a man, later identified as Muhammad Muhaymin, was acting erratically. A caller had stated that Muhammad had pushed an employee at the center, but it was later learned that the employee had blocked Muhammad from entering a bathroom. When officers arrive at the scene they confront Muhammad and discover a warrant for his arrest and ordered him to put down his dog. He was not cooperative and police then wrestle him to the ground and try to arrest him. During the struggle Muhammad becomes unresponsive and stopped breathing. The officers then unsuccessfully attempt to resuscitate Muhammad.

A police investigation remains active as authorities try to piece together exactly what happened that led to Muhammad’s death. It’s possible Muhammad may have suffered from some sort of medical emergency. A total of 10 officers were involved in the arrest, and criminal / internal investigations are ongoing for all involved.

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  • Rich Giroux

    I think the cops impatience in the beginning was what started the problem. His resisting was totally his fault but maybe the cops reaction kicked in his fight of flight instinct.

  • Predreus

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