CCTV has been release of dramatic Italian jewellery heist


Police in Italy have released chilling CCTV footage of a shop assistant being tied up and assaulted in a dramatic jewellery store robbery.

The video captures the moment two attackers, thought to be Serbian nationals aged 29 and 30, ransack the store safe while the petrified employee is gagged and restrained on the floor.

The dramatic heist took place at the Eleuteri Jewellers in Milan where police are said to have identified one of the assailants who left finger prints at the scene.

What initially seems like a normal transaction takes a horrible turn when a man, posing as a tourist, follows the shop worker into the back room before grabbing her by the throat and forcing her to the ground.

The petrified employee scrambles on the floor while the attacker shuts the door behind him to shield the attack from passers by.

After gagging and restraining the shop assistant he is then joined by an accomplice wearing dark sunglasses who empties large amounts of jewellery into his bag.

While one is ransacking the safe the other robber is seen tying the feet of the store worker who writhes on the floor in fear.

While the footage cuts out, the attackers are said to have made their escape and remain at large.

As yet police are yet to release the amount stolen, although it is believed to amount to thousands.

Italian police have said they believe a third man was also involved in the heist. He is believed to have posed as an inspector some days prior to the robbery to ‘case’ the store.

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    lol i love how women think they are equal to men lol


    Thats what happens when you have open borders and the FUCKING EU wasting money so you cannot spend enough on police!