Chinese official is suspended after being caught brutally slapping a nurse


A Chinese official has been suspended after being caught slapping a nurse because she didn’t get wheelchairs for his parents.

The incident took place on February 1 in Huxian, China’s Shaanxi province.

Police investigated the incident and have since suspended the man.

According to reports, the official slapped the nurse because she failed to secure wheelchairs for his parents.

In the footage, the man can be seen kicking the nurse and shouting.

He then slaps the woman before shouting again.

The man then viciously slaps the woman again before grabbing her hair and pulling her towards the floor.

Passersby try and intervene  and get the man off her.

The hospital raised an alarm with police who later attended the scene and launched an investigation.

Following that investigation, the man was revealed to be an official and suspended from his post.

He is suspended until the investigation has been completed.

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