Junkie holds young girl at knifepoint as he demands drugs from police


A junkie held a terrified 13-year-old girl at knifepoint in her bedroom after breaking in so he could exchange her for drugs only for Russian police to storm in and free her.

The drug-crazed man broke into the house in the city of Omsk in Omsk Oblast region, central Russia, where the girl lives with her grandmother.

Named only as Zhenya, he started demanding drugs from the terrified family, and when it became clear they didn’t have any he made the family call the police so that he could get his fix in exchange for the girl’s freedom.

Police and a SWAT team rushed to the scene and a video filmed by an officer shows the tattooed junkie holding the girl on his lap with a knife to her back.

The drug addict and Zhenya get embroiled in tense negotiation, as he demands the policemen leave the room as he did not want to ‘get a life sentence’.

The girl can be heard crying in terror, asking the intruder to let her go as officers attempt to diffuse the situation by saying: ‘Zhenya, calm down, please calm down. Please let the girl go.’

Topless Zhenya, who is constantly looking around the room, is eventually ambushed by the police officers.

The clip pics up a a sudden scream from the girl and the SWAT team pile into the bedroom where she is being held.

She is quickly freed, unharmed, and taken to another room where an officer looks after her.

A policeman can be heard on video calming the junkie down while a paramedic fills a syringe.

After a struggle, the SWAT team manage to muscle Zhenya face down and a doctor injects him with a sedative while one officer keeps his face to the floor with his boot.

The girl was physically unharmed but psychologists are working with her to help her recover from the traumatic experience.

The man was arrested although it is unclear what charges have been brought against him.

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