Bodycam Shows Confrontation Between EMT Workers and Police


Earlier this week a story broke about a Portsmouth Police officer allegedly choking an EMT worker following a confrontation. Police have now released the full bodycam video of the incident. Portsmouth Police Chief Robert Ware does not believe the officer used improper use of force, and says no action will be taken against the officer.

Robert Ware says the incident started while medics were administering first aid on a victim who was acting violently, kicking and biting medical workers. EMT workers asked police to use a taser in attempt to control the patient, but another medic originally though the victim could have a head injury and a taser would injure him further. This medic grabbed the officer about to deploy a taser, and attempted to block him. The officer then reacts by forcing the medic out of the way. The two men then parted ways without further incident.

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