Insane Police Chase Shootout In Komi Republic, Russia


During the performance of duty on Oktyabrsky Avenue of Syktyvkar attention of the traffic police caught the BMW 730 driver who moved with traffic violation of the rules. At the intersection of Oktyabrsky Avenue with the street Krasnykh Partizan guards using loud speaker, asked the driver to stop the vehicle. But the man, ignoring the demands of the police, continued movement in the direction of the neighborhood of the Orbit, increasing the speed.

The driver of the pursued car was moving through the city with violation of requirements of traffic regulations of the Russian Federation, went into the oncoming traffic lane, drove through intersections on a red light and created a real threat to the life and health of road users.

To arrest a pursued vehicle and joined the other autocrews the traffic police. During prosecution on the street Forest inspectors warned the driver of a foreign car on the firearm, but the man at high speed tried to escape, and continued movement in the direction of sysolsky highway.

At the intersection of Woodland and Sysolskoe highway, the driver of the pursued vehicle did not take into account lateral spacing and, after a collision with a patrol car, fled the scene. In this regard, law enforcement officers took the decision to use firearms to stop the BMW .

Opposite d. 47 on the street after two made shots at the rear left wheel of the pursued vehicle was stopped and the driver arrested.

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