Video Captures Men Robbing Taxi Driver At Gunpoint


Overnight, two men seen on taxi surveillance video held the driver at gunpoint and robbed him.

The taxi driver, 56-year-old Alemu Abebe, was back at work Friday morning hoping the surveillance video would lead to the capture of the two men who threatened and robbed him.

“I am OK,” Abebe said. “I think the police will catch them.”

Driving taxis for more than 20 years, Abebe had never experienced anything like the robbery before early Friday morning around 5 a.m. when the two men got into his Blue and White Taxi cab near 3550 Aldrich Avenue South.

The men are seen and heard on the video using foul language and demanding cash from Abebe.

Abebe said the men took his wallet, cash, ring and electronics, even his car keys.

The men made Abebe drive them several blocks before they got out in an alley.

On the video, Abebe can be seen thanking the men for sparing his life as they exit the vehicle.

Abebe said he tried to remain polite and do whatever he needed to ensure his safety.

Abebe kept a spare key in the back and was able to drive away and get help.

The company got cameras in every taxi in 2015 to try to add to safety measures for drivers.

Anyone with information on the case should contact the Minneapolis Police Department.

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