A Wild Confrontation Between Police And 3 Brothers At A McDonald’s


Altona, Australia, 10 February, 2017 – A man charged after a wild clash with police at a McDonald’s in Altona, a suburb of Melbourne, claims officers sparked the fracas when they tried to move him on as he waited for his food.

But a Victoria Police superintendent said a video of the conflict did not tell the whole story and has backed the police involved.

Fady Taleb says he parked in front of the Altona North outlet about 7.10pm on Friday and was waiting for food missing from his drive-through order when a police officer in a passing car told him to leave.

He said he instead drove again through the drive-through lane, and that police then stopped him and told him he would be issued a ticket.

After this point, footage of the incident was captured by a friend of Mr Taleb.

The footage shows him objecting when police try to search his black Mercedes-Benz sedan, before the altercation dramatically escalates and he is arrested.

“As they go to look in my car, I start to say ‘what are you doing?’, before I even finish the sentence he grabs me,” Mr Taleb said.

“You can see who is at fault. I didn’t touch the officer first, whoever thinks this is blind or stupid.”

Mr Taleb claimed he had been in hospital until Saturday afternoon receiving treatment for minor injuries, and was still in shock.

He accused one officer of punching him three times to the head before another officer stepped in, but said that this had not been captured on camera.

It is unclear whether the entire incident is captured in the four-minute clip.

At least five police and three men become involved. Police confirmed that three officers suffered minor injuries.

Mr Taleb said his brothers rushed to the scene after his friend broadcast the incident on Facebook Live.

The incident escalated further when the other men arrived, and Mr Taleb was capsicum-sprayed while on the ground with two officers on his back – despite a brother warning them that Mr Taleb had heart problems.

Another brother shouted abuse at the officers as Mr Taleb was arrested.

Mr Taleb, a 22-year-old from Altona who described the police as “pigs” on social media after the incident, has been charged with affray and assaulting police. A 19-year-old from Altona was charged with assaulting and resisting police.

Both were bailed to appear at Melbourne Magistrates Court on June 20.

“Capsicum foam was deployed to subdue the driver and another aggressive male,” a police spokesman said.

“Both were provided [health]care before being taken to Altona North Police Station for questioning.”

The spokesman said no official complaint had been received about the incident, which would be reviewed by local police.

Mr Taleb intends to file a complaint in the coming days, and believes that he may have been targeted for his Middle-Eastern appearance, despite having no history with the police.

Superintendent Stuart Bateson stood by the officers involved and said that police faced dynamic situations that quickly escalate into violence on a daily basis.

“Snippets of video are often released that don’t show the full context of the event and what police have faced.

“Police work every day to protect the community and help people in need – they should not be expected to come to work to be abused and assaulted. To be clear, we have never – and will never – tolerate this behaviour aimed at our police.

“It is a timely reminder to the community that if you do assault or threaten a police officer you will be charged.”

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