Bodycam Footage From Officer Accused Of Racially Profiling U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush


Chicago, IL, 4 August, 2016 – Chicago police have cleared two officers of wrongdoing over allegations leveled by U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush that he had been racially profiled during a traffic stop last summer on the South Side, a police spokesman said Thursday.

Chief spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said the department’s Bureau of Internal Affairs found that the two Wentworth District officers acted properly because they had probable cause to make the stop.

Officers at roll call had been told to be on the lookout for high-end vehicles because of a rash of thefts throughout the South Side.

The officers stopped Rush in his Lexus after learning from a police dispatcher that its license plate was registered to a different vehicle.

The video shows that throughout the stop, the officer and Rush spoke to each other in calm tones.

However, at about six minutes into the video, Rush challenges the validity of the stop.

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  • Jason Peters

    please subtitle a video

  • carl chilvers

    bamma boo umm ummmm ima congressmangs anna am mamama hhhmmmm maaa

    • RjD

      You took the um…. gibberish…. right out of my mouth. Guess that explains the state of affairs in Chicago very clearly.